Water pump station

About West Shelby Water District

The Commission is made up of three District residents who are appointed by the Shelby County Judge Executive to be Commissioners for four year terms. These Commissioners make policy and set the Rules and Regulations we operate by.

Established in 1967, West Shelby Water District (WSWD) provides potable water to over 1,850 customers in western Shelby County.

With no internal water supply of its own, West Shelby purchases all of its water. Originally all of the water came from the City of Shelbyville, Kentucky, whose source is the Guist Creek Reservoir. Due to population growth in the 1980's throughout the District, an additional source of water was established in 1990. This source was the Louisville Water Company that obtains its water from the Ohio River.

The District has three storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1,950,000 gallons of water. The Fairview Rd. tank was built in 1978 and is a 200,000 gallon tank.

The Industrial Park tank, at the east end of the District behind Bekaert Industry was completed in 1990 and is a 750,000 gallon tank.

We are proud that during the drought of 2007, when other water utilities in the county were having difficulties, West Shelby had no problem supplying their customers' needs.

Water Capacity in West Shelby Water District is "Overflowing". In other words, there is no shortage of Water Capacity in this District.

With the addition of the Buck Creek Rd. water tank in 2002, this gave the District an additional 1,000,000 gallons of storage. This tank is located along I-64, behind the Shelby County Flea Market.

The District has not only kept up with the growth of this area, we are ready, willing and able to supply the present and future needs of this District. Residential, Commercial and Industrial growth abounds, and West Shelby Water District is ready to serve all those needs.

  • Ray Larmee

    Ray Larmee, Chairman

    Commissioner since January 1988

  • Ben Quinn

    Ben Quinn, Treasurer

    Commissioner since April 4, 2006

  • Raymond Williams

    Raymond Williams, Secretary

    Commissioner since March 2008

  • Steve Eden

    Steve Eden, Manager

    Steve has been with the District since Dec. 1990. He manages the distribution side of the system and is a Certified Class II Water Distribution Operator. Steve maintains the systems water storage and supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Steve, who is also Mayor of Simpsonville, is a member of the Shelby County Industrial Foundation and a graduate of Leadership Shelby.

    Contact Steve at 502-722-8944 or email him at seden+westshelbywater+org

  • Lisa Didier

    Lisa Didier, Executive Administrator

    Lisa came to West Shelby in 2006. Lisa maintains payables receivables, and all other day to day office tasks. She also is a Certified Class II Water Distribution Operator.

  • Charlene Galyon

    Charlene Galyon, Customer Service Rep

    Charlene is our only part-time employee helping fill the void wherever she may be needed.

  • Melvin Phenix, Senior Distribution Operator

    Melvin joined our staff in February 2006. He is a Certified Class II Water Distribution Operator. Melvin is our "Go to Man" here at the district, doing everything from setting meters to repairing broken lines.

  • A.J. Ellis

    A.J. Ellis, Serviceman

    A.J. came to the district in July of 2010 and helps Melvin in the field with whatever needs to be done.